It seems there are two types of products today.

Those products built down to a price which rapidly fill our garbage dumps… and those that represent real quality… continuing to perform long after they’re paid for!

The superb range of meat processing equipment from Thompson Meat Machinery is absolutely iconic of the latter!

Innovative, Robust and Reliable!

In an industry dominated by quality European, Japanese and American brands… and in an era that has seen a general decline in Australian manufacturing, Thompson Meat Machinery is quite frankly, an outstanding Australian success story!

This success has developed from its ability to identify and attract innovative customers… Customers whose requirements actually challenge the ‘Status Quo’… Who are looking for more from their equipment!

By listening, understanding and ultimately making superior quality food processing machinery, Thompson Meat Machinery has successfully developed partnerships with progressive meat processors from around the world.

So just how did Thompson become an industry icon… How did they achieve such a respected status?

Since its inception way back in the 1980’s, this proudly Australian owned, Brisbane-based operation has built on its small family owned background to develop relationships with its many customers… relationships that drive them to understand each unique set of needs.... and to arrive at solutions that work and go on working, year after year!

With such a depth of knowledge and experience… and an incredibly broad network of customers, you are guaranteed a solution that will be as reliable as it is innovative!

Since the 1980’s Thompson Meat Machinery has been driven to develop innovative, highly technical, meat processing machines that are robust, reliable and safe… but never compromise yield, or the long life of your investment!

Thompson built its reputation on the now globally respected 4000 series mixer mincer... The 4000 has also been the base for some improvements and new models because the Thompson philosophy is to cleverly design machines that maximise production for individual sectors of the industry.

Yes, these are the machines that have earned their reputation for reliable operation with ultra low maintenance requirements… with processing capabilities way beyond the limits of their original design characteristics… And that’s what Thompson is all about… that’s why the industry term THOMPSON TOUGH" was forged.

So, if you’re looking for meat processing machinery that works… and goes on working… If you’d prefer to develop a relationship with a supplier that’s here for the long term… a supplier that’s not driven by the quick dollar but is more Interested in growing with its customers, you simply can’t go past Thompson Meat Machinery.

Let’s have a look at some of the products… Thompson products that make mince meat of a hard days work… products that will redefine your business!