840 Mixer Mincer

The Thompson 840 Mixer Mincer is the latest addition to the Thompson range of high-performance Mixer Mincers.

This compact model is purpose designed to accommodate the gourmet shops and supermarkets with limited production floor space but still want the same high quality mixer minces that are capable of producing reliable high production outputs and good particle definition of cut. The 840 Mixer Mincer is available as a conventional freestanding model or where space is very limited as a bench top model.

The 840 Mixer Mincer is a leader in its field and maintains the capacity to mince extremely efficiently with output rates you would only expect of larger machines. It is ideal for gourmet shops and supermarkets that produce quantities of gourmet flavoured sausages in small batches or where tray packs of fresh mince are continually required. It greatly reduces waste from excess product remaining in bowl or mincing chamber.

The 840 Mixer Mincer is a very good option over conventional pedestal style mincers that are hand fed. It offers continuous mincing operation and automatic mixing which greatly reduces labour and improves product quality and yield.

This machine stands small in statue, offers big benefits in performance and cost reduction at an affordable price.

Features of the Thompson 840 Mixer Mincer: