900E Ergonomic Mixer Mincer

The Thompson 900E Ergonomic Mixer Mincer has the world unique Designed conical bowl and mixing ribbon. This design offers many benefits in ergonomic operation, increased production output capacity and blending efficiencies.

The Thompson 900E Mixer Mincer offers ergonomic characteristics of low loading and high discharge heights with the ease in which the operator can load lugs into the mixing bowl without spillage. The primary objective of the Thompson 900E Mixer Mincer is to eliminate strenuous work practice of bending over the mincer discharge outlet causing strain and discomfort to the operator.

The 900E Mixer Mincer is not only user friendly but innovative in its design as well. The feedscrew operates at right angles to the bowl offering unique advantages. Short minimum feedscrew exposure to the product ensures minimum product working. This guarantees negligible temperature increase through the production process, extended shelflife, improved product bloom and enhanced presentation.

Due to its unique design the Thompson 900E Mixer Mincer achieves outstanding output efficiencies. The Thompson 900E Mixer Mincer’s modern, compact and functional design is space saving and is the for today’s demanding meat rooms.

Features of the Thompson 900E Ergonomic Mixer Mincer: