MSK S Series Brine Injectors

The Thompson MSK S Series Brine Injector will fit virtually any injecting application.

The Thompson MSK S Series Brine Injector is fitted with air piston, pressure adjustable and Stainless Steel needles for bone-in or boneless products.

The variable speed needle head operates at up to 50 strokes per minute, ideal for fish, seafood, bacon, ham, beef or poultry applications.

User friendly variable speed brine motor control allows the operator to adjust the pump pressure to the desired level, which will provide a minimum product pick-up of approximately 8%.

The removable air piston head enables easy cleaning. No tools are required to remove the brine hose connections and the injector needle head assembly from the machine for cleaning. Entire panels, sides and rear are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

The MSK-12 Brine Injector Tenderiser in One

The unique designed MSK-12 Brine Injector Tenderizer in One is the only one of its kind. A head of 12 "spring loaded" Stainless Steel brine injecting needles and a head of 48 Stainless Steel sharp tenderizer needles fitted in one compact machine. The single simultaneous injecting and tenderizing process improves efficiency, reduces labour, increases yield and space saving.

Thompson MSK-12 Injector includes a portable Stainless Steel brine tank with triple filtration system. Mixer motor helps keep the brine & needles clear to ensure consistent brine pick up are maintained from batch to batch.

Features of the Thompson MSK S Series Brine Injectors: