Swing Lid Style Sausage Filler

The Thompson Swing  Lid Hydraulic Sausage filler is fitted with the quick released swing lid attached to the machine. The lid swings out of the way and does not require the physical strain of removing the lid for safe operation. This ensures dexterous and trouble free operation improving the filling process. The special design of a cast exit cavity in the lid ensures smooth extrusion of product and reduces product smearing and discoloration.

The Thompson 25kg and 50kg Sausage Fillers have solid 35mm thick lids and 5mm thick barrel to prevent any bending and distorting under the toughest working conditions of extruding stiffer product. Thompson Sausage Filler is made of solid Stainless Steel, not cast anodized aluminium which corrodes and deteriorates.

The Thompson Swing Lid Hydraulic Sausage Filler has a large 3" (3 1/2" OD) and uses larger hydraulic pump. Larger cylinder has the advantage of allowing the hydraulic pump to be set at much lower pressure but still achieve the same or greater internal sausage barrel pressure of up to 40% higher (160 PSI) than other competitor’s brands. Most other brands are set at 120 PSI or lower which slows down extrusion rate to a trickle. Larger cylinder and hydraulic pump ensure increased product output rate and yield, reduced Maintenance cost and longer machine lifespan.

The Thompson Swing Lid Hydraulic Sausage Filler is fitted with pressure gauge as standard for adjusting pressure settings to previous speeds. Variable speed control allows the operator to control the filling rate.

Power supply required is 240V single phase. It has built in motor protection that uses heavy duty electrical contactors and overloads with additional feature of automatic shut off for extended machine life and motor protection.

The heavy duty castors allow easy mobility.


High quality stainless steel is used to manufacture the lid, plunger, barrel and lockring bars. Only high quality heavy duty components are used in manufacture to reduce the risk of breakdown and extends the life of your investment.

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Features of the Thompson Swing Lid Sausage Filler: