3200 Series Mixer Mincer

3000 Series
3200 Series Mixer Mincer
9.2 kW Helical Mince Direct Drive
2.2kW Helical Mix Direct Drive
Short production time for 200kg batch (300L bowl capacity)
High production output rate of 3,000kg/hr on primary cut
Constructed from heavy duty Stainless Steel and fully seam welded
Stainless Steel feedscrew and paddle
Removable Stainless Steel mixing paddle
Lid with inspection slots to allow product to be added during operation
Reciprocating mix cycle
Auto Reversing Feedscrew during the mix cycle displaces majority of the product from the feedscrew channel ensuring the batch is more efficiently blended
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Stainless Steel Stand to elevate Mixer Mincer to allow discharge into 200L bins
Feedscrew Ejector to eject feedscrew and cutting system during disassembly and cleaning procedure
Foot pedal lid closing device to be fitted when machine is raised to discharge into 200L bins
Sensor to interlock lid with Column Hoist
Ingredients and liquid pouring channel to lid
Feedscrew, knives and plates carriage
Gemini System allows 2 machines to be joined for continuous 1st and 2nd cut operation
Intermittent feed during mince cycle to reduce product agitation and protein extraction
PLC with HMI through Dialogue Smart Embedded Panels enables a multitude of variations and functionalities to the Mixer Mincer operation. Multiple mix cycle operation can be programmed and stored for various recipes
Variable Speed Drive on Mix Drive controls the mix and feed cycles to reduce over mixing of product while it is being discharged
Variable Speed Drive on Mince Drive optimise the output production rate
Inspection Step Assembly provides access to the bowl of the machine for inspection or cleaning
Description & Dimension

3200 Series Mixer Mincer

The Thompson 3200 Mixer Mincer is a step up from the highly successful Thompson 3000 Mixer Mincer. The
Thompson 3200 Mixer Mincer has a bowl capacity of 300L and batch size of 200kg, designed specifically to allow 200L bin loading option.

The Thompson 3200 Series Mixer Mincer is powered by high performance motors through 2 independent Helical Reduction Gear Units. Helical gear motors are much more reliable and produce 98% efficiency versus 72% efficiency of worm drive gearboxes used in many competitors machines. The Thompson 3200 Mixer Mincer is designed to deliver strength and reliability for many years.

The Best Value for Money 200kg Mixer Mincer available when you consider Quality, Construction, Components, Design and Attributes of The Thompson 3200 Mixer Mincer. The Labour Savings achieved will impress the most conscientious operators.

Details & Characteristics
3200 Series Mixer Mincer

3200 Series Mixer Mincer

3000 Series

The Thompson 3200 Mixer Mincer is constructed from Heavy Gauges Stainless Steel including Stainless Steel
Feedscrew and Paddle. It is Fully Seam Welded Inside and Outside and finished with smooth hygienic surfaces in an appealing satin finish to achieve clean bowl on product discharge. Removable Stainless Steel Mixing Paddle ensures easy and thorough cleaning providing maximum hygiene.

The Unique Design Feedscrew Channel with right angle mixing paddle that feeds and delivers continuously to provide Efficient Mince and Product Discharge with a High Definition Meat Particle and Cut Quality.

The Reciprocating Mixing Action efficiently yet Gently Blends Fat and Lean Product into homogenous batches. This Guarantees Product Consistency.

The Thompson 3200 Mixer Mincer is designed to offer High Capacity Production in a Compact Size. Supermarkets, butcher shops and quality processing facilities will appreciate the performance of the Thompson 3200 Mixer Mincer. It is designed & built to withstand the High Demands of Larger Production.

Specifications (Based on 415 V / 50 HZ)
Mince Motor (KW)
Mix Motor (KW)
Bowl Capacity
Mix Capacity Fresh Trim
Power Supply
Full Load Current
Ship Size L x W x H (cm)
Ship Weight
Technical data is to be used as a guide only and is subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weight may vary in the course of development
Product Performance
10mm Hole Plate kg/hour
5mm Hole Plate kg/hour
3mm Hole Plate kg/hour
Primary Cut
Secondary Cut
Production rates are dependent on the product and temperature of the product

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