4200 Mixer Mincers

4000 Series
4200 Mixer Mincers
Low loading height of 1150mm
Short production time for 120kg (180L) capacity
High production rates of 3000 kg/hour on primary cut
Constructed from heavy gauge Stainless Steel and fully seamed welded
Stainless Steel feedscrew and paddle
Removable Stainless Steel mixing paddle
Lid with inspection slots to allow product to be added during operation
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Stainless Steel elevating stands
Variable speed drives
Controllable mix / mince cycles
PLC pre-set programmable control
Product temperature readout
GEMINI connection / systems
Pneumatic lid operation
CO2 Cooling
Bone elimination system
Feedscrew / knife & plate trolley
Ingredients / Liquid chute in lid
Load cells to mixing bowl
Feedscrew ejector
Description & Dimension

4200 Mixer Mincers

Used extensively in high production facilities throughout the World, the 4000 Series is renowned for its outstanding performance and reliability.

The standard height machines incorporate a HEAVY GAUGE DOMED LID with an open grilled section for ingredients adding or viewing of the mix cycle.

An ingredients or liquids pouring channel is also offered as an option.

The MIXING PADDLE AND MINCE TRANSMISSION are powered with INDEPENDENT GEARED MOTOR DRIVES. No more oily greasy chains, no more continual maintenance of pulleys and belt drives.

Smooth, compact and quiet the HEAVY DUTY DRIVES are very efficient in transmitting maximum power from LARGE HP MOTORS – featuring a STANDARD 2 SPEEDS on the feedscrew drive with HIGH TORQUE on low speed.


Details & Characteristics
4200 Mixer Mincers

4200 Mixer Mincers

4000 Series

Connecting a Primary Mixer Mincer for the first mince operation which then AUTOMATICALLY FEEDS THROUGH AN INTERCONNECTED TUBE to the Secondary Mixer Mincer for continuous processing of the second mince operation.

Product transfer is achieved through a guarded interconnecting tube, by a safety interlocked transfer tube or a combination of both.

The machines can also be easily separated in the event that different processing applications may be required i.e. batching of formulated product or emulsions.

The Gemini system allows Thompson 4000 Series Mixer Mincers to be connected in tandem with multiple machines including non Thompson machines.

THE ADVANTAGES FROM UTILISING GEMINI SYSTEMS for continuous mincing can include REDUCED CAPITAL EQUIPMENT COST from eliminating second mechanical loading hoist or device, LABOUR COST SAVINGS from improved operation efficiencies in production and IMPROVED PRODUCT QUALITY by eliminating product storage and processing time during the 1st and 2nd mincing operations.

Models in the series include

  • 4000-56 standard or raised machine – 200 L bowl 56 Size cutting head
  • 4200-56 standard or raised machine – 300 L bowl 56 Size cutting head
  • 4300-56 standard or raised machine – 400 L bowl 56 Size cutting head
  • 4200 FROZEN-56 standard or raised machine – 350 L bowl 56 Size cutting head


Specifications (Based on 415 V / 50 HZ)
Mince Motor (KW)
Mix Motor (KW)
Bowl Capacity
60 L
Technical data is to be used as a guide only and is subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weight may vary in the course of development
Product Performance
10mm Hole Plate kg/hour
5mm Hole Plate kg/hour
3mm Hole Plate kg/hour
Primary Cut - Beef Trim
Secondary Cut - Ground Beef
Production rates are dependent on the product and temperature of the product

Thompson 4200 Frozen Mixer Mincer

Thompson 4200F Series Demonstrating Specific Operations 

Conveyor Fed 4200F Mixer Mincer 1st Cut

4200F Mixer Mincer loaded with Thompson Hoist 2nd Cut with Sausage mix and water

Thompson 4200 Frozen Mixer Mincer breaking tempered 27kg Blocks

Mincing Pork through 6 mm Hole Plate 00202.

Crocodile Feed Pellet Cutting System with 19mm hole plate

4200C Mixer Mincer Frozen Pre-Broken Lamb

1st cut through 12.7 mm Hole Plate. -12.4°C.

-12.4°C STALLED going into HIGH SPEED

4200C Cross Feed Channel MM

-12°C to -15°C Frozen Lamb through 1st through Prebreaker.

2nd through 12.7 mm hole plate. 60 kg volume per minute

4200C Mixer Mincer

1st Cut mince through 10 mm Hole Plate

-10°C Pre-broken Lamb Trim Slow Speed amp draw 24 amp, 27 amp, 28 amp consistently with spikes to 48 amp occasionally

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