92500 Mixer Mincer

9000 Series
92500 Mixer Mincer
37 kW Mince Drive Option
3500 L Hopper Capacity, 2500 kg Batch Mix Capacity (Fresh Meat )
170mm Straight Feedscrew Diameter. 220mm Mincer Plate System
11” 280mm or 14” 355mm “High Efficiency Cutting System” (HECS)
Primary Cut: up to 15,000Kg - 21000Kg/Hr or 250- 350 Kg/Min through 13mm hole plate
Secondary Cut: up to 12000 Kg/Hr or 200 Kg/Min through 4mm hole plate
11” 280mm High Efficiency Grind System
14” 355mm High Efficiency Grind System
30kW Mince Gear Motor Drive
37kW Mince Gear Motor Drive
End Discharge Chute
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Mix Paddles
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Mince Feedscrew
PLC Program Logic Control with Human Machine Interface
Polished Bowl and Paddles
Pneumatic Feedscrew Ejector
Step and Platform Assembly
Hopper Swing Guard-Interlocked
Inspection Mirror Feedscrew Trolley Remote Control on Inspection Step
Scale Stand
Interlocked Guard C/W Time Out Lock
Safety Interlock Discharge Guard with Time Out
Bone Elimination System Pneumatic Air Purge
Auto Reverse Feedscrew
Feedscrew Trolley
CO2 Bottom Cooling Injection and Top Injection through Snow Cones
Hydraulic Operated Heavy-Duty Lid for CO2
Plenum To Rear of Machine for CO2 Cross Flow Extraction
Light Curtains
Water Monitoring with PLC Control System
Temperature Readout(Check Detail Of Existing)
Scale Stand
Grill Lid
Lid Auto Release
Description & Dimension

92500 Mixer Mincer

The key point of difference apart from improvements in our
gear motor drive technology is the feedscrew and cutting
system enlargement.

The 9000 series range of mixer grinders are in line grinders
whereby the feedscrew runs parallel with the mixing paddles
or right mixer grinders with the feedscrew running at right
angles to the paddles similar to the 5000 series.
There is no transfer screw feeding into a 2nd mincing
feedscrew like the 6000 series.
This short 170mm diameter feedscrew provides much higher
production output rates and with a High Efficiency Cutting
System (HECS) addition the ultimate grinding system.
9000 MIXER GRINDERS have been in operation since 2013
with the most recent developments of the 92500 Right Angle
Mixer Grinder (2500 kg batch capacity) and 91000 Straight
Mixer Grinder.
Beyond Spectacular Production output capacity is the 9000
series Mixer Mincer/Grinder Drive Train has undergone
significant engineering upgrades.

Details & Characteristics
92500 Mixer Mincer

92500 Mixer Mincer

9000 Series

CO2 snow cones cooling system is used for processing batches
of product less than 300 kg through snow cones. This is a more
effective and efficient cooling system than bottom injection for
smaller batches. The bottom cooling injection system releases
a great deal of CO2 shooting at high pressure through the
smaller batches of product resulting an high amount of wasted
CO2 which is exhausted through the plenum by exhaust the
fan. The high pressure will also carry the product upwards
covering the internal surface of the lid making it more difficult
to clean. The CO2 bottom cooling injection process requires
an initial injection of CO2 gas to pressurise the manifold
system prior to the release of liquid CO2 into the chamber and
injected through the nozzles into the bowl. Once the liquid
injection process is complete a third process of flushing out the
manifold system with gas is necessary to complete the cycle.

Product Performance
10mm Hole Plate kg/hour
5mm Hole Plate kg/hour
3mm Hole Plate kg/hour
Primary Cut
Secondary Cut
Production rates are dependent on the product and temperature of the product

Thompson 9000 Series Mixer Mincer

Thompson 9000 Mixer Mincer with Loading with 200 L Hoist

Thompson 9000 Mixer Mincer 4 Speeds Mincing into Continuous Cooker

a)      Thompson 9000 Mixer Mincer Speed 1 (Slow) Mincing into Continuous Cooker

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