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Isolator (fitted standard to CE specs)
Pouring spout to cradle (liquid products)
Left or Right hand operation
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Column Hoist

Manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel and to a robust design, the Thompson hoist is renowned as one of the strongest built hoists on the Market. A 20 mm Stainless Steel base plate anchored to a concrete floor and complimented by a 90 mm solid bar Stainless Steel guide column with a 50 mm diameter Stainless Steel lifting thread minimising flexing and lifting stress.

The square thread driven by a 2.2 kW motor gives the Thompson hoist one of the most powerful hoists built for meat machinery loading.

Rugged built tipping arms, lifting cradle and hard wearing tipping tracks ensure this hoist will give many years of trouble-free operation.

Details & Characteristics
Column Hoist

Column Hoist

Safety features are encompassed in the whole design of the Thompson hoist. A strong wearing ertacetal carriage with in built safety nut, a “bin lock in place” mechanism to the cradle and the press and hold operation.

The Thompson Column Hoist can be utilised for a variety of tipping applications and incorporated to feed many types of equipment. With tipping heights from 1 M through to 2.4 M the hoist has been used to load Mixer Grinders / Filling machines / Tumblers or simply as a material handling or transfer application.


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