Thompson mixer mincers are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, and they are among the most efficient and reliable machines for meat processing. The Thompson 5000, 5500, and 5600 mixer mincers are some of the most popular models, and they offer different features and capacities to suit different processing needs.

Thompson 5000 Single Paddle Mixer Mincer

The Thompson 5000 Mixer Mincer features a feedscrew design that operates at a right angle to the mixing bowl and paddle. The feedscrew design has a reduced length inside the bowl, which maximizes the production output rate of up to 8000 kg/hour, while reducing overworking of the product of a feedscrew of longer length. The machine is perfectly proportioned for maximum efficiency and achieving production output rates of up to 7500 kg/hour on the second cut through a 4 mm hole plate.

The Thompson 5000 series mixer mincers are heavy-duty industrial machines with a 2-speed mince feedscrew operation, a 15kW helical mince drive, and a segmented quick-release removable stainless steel barrel assembly that enables thorough cleaning and sanitation. The machine also features a “reinforced” heavy-duty stainless steel mixing paddle that provides thorough mixing of the product in all areas of the bowl. The programmed reciprocate mixing action ensures an efficient mix and dispensation of the product. The machine’s compact design requires only 1533 mm x 1574 mm of floor area, excluding barrel and accessories.

Thompson 5500 Twin Overlapping Paddle with Inspection Mirror Mixer Mincer

The Thompson 5500 Mixer Mincer incorporates the same high-performance mince technology as the Single Shaft. The 5500 series has a larger hopper capacity and batch mixing capacity, providing increased efficiency by reducing product mixing time through a reduction in the number of batches required per day. The machine’s volumetric measure to the top level of the mixing paddles is the important specification as that is where the efficiency in the mixing action is governed. The 5500 Mixer Mincer has a volume capacity of 600L to the top of the paddles, which allows effective mixing of the 500 kg batch.

The 5500 Mixer Mincer is fitted with a 22 kW Gear Motor Mince Drive, which can be upgraded to a 30 kW Gear Motor Drive. Increased gear motor size provides additional advantages when processing frozen meats. The 5500 Mixer Mincers can easily process frozen tempered, pre-broken, or flaked meat at temperatures down to -12°C.

Thompson 5600 Twin Overlapping Paddle with Extended Hopper and End Discharge Chute Mixer Mincer

The Thompson 5600 Mixer Mincer is a most effective universal mixer mincer design to produce the highest quality finish product. This machine offers a range of options to meet specific processing needs, including a 66 220mm H.E.C.S high-efficiency cutting system, a 22kW mince gear motor drive, and an end discharge chute. The machine also features variable frequency drives (VFD) mix paddles and mince feedscrew, a PLC program logic control with human-machine interface, and a polished bowl and paddles.

The Thompson 5600 Mixer Mincer comes with a range of safety features, including a pneumatic feedscrew ejector, step and platform assembly, hopper swing guard interlocked, and an interlocked guard with time-out lock. Other options include a bone elimination system pneumatic air purge, auto-reverse feedscrew, feedscrew trolley, CO2 bottom cooling injection, and top injection through snow