a) 4200F Mixer Mincer

b) Conveyor Fed 4200F Mixer Mincer 1st Cut

c) 4200F Mixer Mincer loaded with Thompson Hoist 2nd Cut with Sausage mix and water

d) Thompson 4200 Frozen Mixer Mincer breaking tempered 27kg Blocks

e) Mincing Pork through 6 mm Hole Plate 00202

f) Crocodile Feed Pellet Cutting System with 19mm hole plate

1st cut through 12.7 mm Hole Plate. -12.4°C.

-12°C to -15°C Frozen Lamb through 1st through Prebreaker. 2nd through 12.7 mm hole plate. 60 kg volume per minute

1st Cut mince through 10 mm Hole Plate -10°C Pre-broken Lamb Trim Slow Speed amp draw 24 amp, 27 amp, 28 amp consistently with spikes to 48 amp occasionally