5000 Mixer Mincer Open Hopper

5000 Series
5000 Mixer Mincer Open Hopper
Open Hopper with 740 L Capacity (275 mm) Hinged with Safety Interlock when Open
Safety Trip Bar to allow continuous loading
Open Hopper allows Continuous Loading
Increase capacity to accept 3 x 200L bins.
Very advantageous for Continuous Feed 1st cut Mince Processing.
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Description & Dimension

5000 Mixer Mincer Open Hopper

There are Huge benefits of incorporating Open Hopper and Extended Hopper to the Thompson 5000 Mixer Mincer. The Open Hopper fitted with Safety Trip Bar (illustrated in the photo above) allows the Standard Interlocked Lid to be removed. This allows continual loading of 200 or 300 L bins with loader or conveyor improves efficiency and increase production output rate from not stopping the machine when the lid is open to re-load product.

The Extended Hopper combined with the bowl increases total bowl volume from 530 L to 830 L. The Larger Extended Hopper further increases total bowl volume to 990 L.

Additional Hopper Capacity is of great benefit when processing frozen product that is generally either pre-broken, flaked or pre-ground. Frozen product volume increases by 2.8 times on average. A 200 L bin will generally only hold 70-80 kg of -10°C frozen flaked, pre-broken, guillotined, or minced meat. As the frozen meat is mixed efficiently and homogenously in the 5000 Mixer Mincer the frozen flaked or minced meat becomes more condensed and the volume is reduced ready for 2nd cut mince process.

Details & Characteristics
5000 Mixer Mincer Open Hopper

5000 Mixer Mincer Open Hopper

5000 Series

The additional Hopper Capacity allows an additional bin to be added achieving a 200 kg and possibly up to 400 kg batch of finished product in the 5000 Mixer Mincer when using frozen pre-broken or guillotined meat.. The Larger Hopper Extension can easily accommodate 3 of 200 L bins of product.

The Extended Hopper also allows loading from the opposite end (gear motor drive end) when the 5000 Mixer Mincer is fitted with an End Discharge Chute.

The Open Hopper is fitted with Safety Trip Bar around the perimeter of the opening complying with Safety Standards. The Hinged Open Hopper also incorporates Safety Interlock to stop the machine operation when the Hopper is open, allows easy access to the bowl for cleaning and sanitation.

Specifications (Based on 415 V / 50 HZ)
Primary cut through 13 mm hole plate
8000 kg/hr, 130 kg/min
Secondary cut through 4 mm hole plate
7000 kg/hr, 120 kg/min
Technical data is to be used as a guide only and is subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weight may vary in the course of development
Product Performance
10mm Hole Plate kg/hour
5mm Hole Plate kg/hour
3mm Hole Plate kg/hour
Primary Cut
Secondary Cut
Production rates are dependent on the product and temperature of the product

Thompson 5000 Series Mixer Mincer

Thompson 5000 MM Demonstrating Specific Operations

a) 5000 130 kg min, 2nd Cut, 4 mm Hole Plate, HECS 80 CL.m4v

b) 5000 150 kg min, 2nd Cut, 5 mm Hole Plate, HECS 80 CL.m4v

c) 5000 Bone Elimination Air Purge-120 kg min, 2nd Cut, 3 mm Hole Plate, HECS..m4v

d) 5000 Bone Elimination Air Purge-120 kg min, 2nd Cut, 3 mm Hole Plate, HECS..m4v

e) 5000 458 kg Batch, Auto Load, Add Ingredients, Mix, PLC Demo.m4v

f) 5000 – 1st Cut, 600 kg Hopper Capacity, 4 Speed Mince Feedscrew Speed.m4v

g) 5000 – 1st Cut, 155 kg min, 8 mm Hole Plate, 4th Speed.m4v

h) 5000 – Primals 1st Cut 3 mm Plate, Product Temp -3° C to -7° C.m4v
i) 5000 Discharge Door Unload, No Mincing, Meatball Recipe incl Cheese Cubes, Herbs.m4v
j) 5000 – 300 kg Pork Sausage Batch Mix Ingredients & Water 1 min 35 sec-Complete Cycle.m4v
k) 5000 – Last 15 Kg of Batch – Feedscrew Efficiency, Bowl Cleanliness at Batch End.m4v
l) 5000 – Automatic Lid Opening, 5 inch HMI Controller.m4v

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