52000 Series Mixer Mincer

5000 Series
52000 Series Mixer Mincer
Extended Hopper-Integrated
Twin Shaft Overlapping Paddles
52000 S/S Cast Feedscrew Channel with Spiral Flighting Increase Production Output Rate
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66 220mm H.E.C.S High Efficiency Cutting System
37 kW Mince Gear Motor Drive
End Discharge Chute
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Mix Paddles
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Mince Feedscrew
PLC Program Logic Control with Human Machine Interface
Polished Bowl and Paddles
Pneumatic Feedscrew Ejector
Step and Platform Assembly
Hopper Swing Guard-Interlocked
Inspection Mirror Feedscrew Trolley Remote Control on Inspection Step
Interlocked Guard C/W Time Out Lock
Safety Interlock Discharge Guard with Time Out
Bone Elimination System Pneumatic Air Purge
Auto Reverse Feedscrew
Feedscrew Trolley
CO2 Bottom Cooling Injection and Top Injection through Snow Cones
Hydraulic Operated Heavy-Duty Lid for CO2
Light Curtains
Plenum To Rear of Machine for CO2 Cross Flow Extraction
Water Monitoring with PLC Control System
Temperature Readout(Check Detail Of Existing)
Scale Stand
Grill Lid
Lid Auto Release
Description & Dimension

52000 Series Mixer Mincer

Thompson 52000 Mixer Mincer 3410 L Hopper Capacity available for customers with big demand, seeking productivity and efficiency gains with the requirements for 2000 kg batch mixing ability. Twin shaft overlapping mixing paddle system work extremely effectively and the mirror polishing finish on both the bowl and the paddles is very useful to limit any sticking of product to machine services. 52000 construction is further strengthened for the heavy loads and larger Torque required at times for mixing very heavy viscosity product.

The 52000-mince production rate of up to 8000 kg/hr is suitable with this batch size for many products in some instances pet food or Donna kebabs which lends itself to additional mixing tight binding product.


Details & Characteristics
52000 Series Mixer Mincer

52000 Series Mixer Mincer

5000 Series

52000 Standard Design Benefits Include:
• Extended Hopper-Integrated
• Twin Shaft Overlapping Paddles
• 52000 S/S Cast Feedscrew Channel with Spiral Flighting

Increase Production Output Rate

INCREASED batch mix capability provides production efficiency from batch mixing time reduction over production day. Larger Total Hopper Capacity Allows More Bins to Be Loaded or use of Larger Bins to Be Loaded-Producing Production Time Reduction. Product load time reduction is a significant saving with immediate impact. Grinder/Process operator more available time for additional function.

Mix Batch 2000kg – Mince Production Output
• 1st Cut up to 8000kg /hour
• 2nd cut Mince 4 mm Hole plate 7500kg/hour
Improved Production Efficiencies, Increased Production Output, Production Cost Reduction


Specifications (Based on 415 V / 50 HZ)
Primary cut through 13 mm hole plate
8000 kg/hr, 130 kg/min
Secondary cut through 4 mm hole plate
7500 kg/hr, 120 kg/min
Technical data is to be used as a guide only and is subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weight may vary in the course of development
Product Performance
10mm Hole Plate kg/hour
5mm Hole Plate kg/hour
3mm Hole Plate kg/hour
Primary Cut
Secondary Cut
Production rates are dependent on the product and temperature of the product

Thompson 5000 Series Mixer Mincer

Thompson 5000 MM Demonstrating Specific Operations

a) 5000 130 kg min, 2nd Cut, 4 mm Hole Plate, HECS 80 CL.m4v

b) 5000 150 kg min, 2nd Cut, 5 mm Hole Plate, HECS 80 CL.m4v

c) 5000 Bone Elimination Air Purge-120 kg min, 2nd Cut, 3 mm Hole Plate, HECS..m4v

d) 5000 Bone Elimination Air Purge-120 kg min, 2nd Cut, 3 mm Hole Plate, HECS..m4v

e) 5000 458 kg Batch, Auto Load, Add Ingredients, Mix, PLC Demo.m4v

f) 5000 – 1st Cut, 600 kg Hopper Capacity, 4 Speed Mince Feedscrew Speed.m4v

g) 5000 – 1st Cut, 155 kg min, 8 mm Hole Plate, 4th Speed.m4v

h) 5000 – Primals 1st Cut 3 mm Plate, Product Temp -3° C to -7° C.m4v
i) 5000 Discharge Door Unload, No Mincing, Meatball Recipe incl Cheese Cubes, Herbs.m4v
j) 5000 – 300 kg Pork Sausage Batch Mix Ingredients & Water 1 min 35 sec-Complete Cycle.m4v
k) 5000 – Last 15 Kg of Batch – Feedscrew Efficiency, Bowl Cleanliness at Batch End.m4v
l) 5000 – Automatic Lid Opening, 5 inch HMI Controller.m4v

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