27kg Sausage Filler

27kg Sausage Filler
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27kg Sausage Filler

The Thompson Oil Hydraulic Sausage Fillers are Hygienic Smooth Running Knee-Operated Machines. Release of the knee control automatically stops the filling process. The large barrel diameter makes it easier to fill the sausage emulsion into the chamber.

A Quick Release Twist Lock Lid ensures Fast Refill Time, no time consuming lock down threads. The Lid and Stainless Steel Barrel are totally removable for ease of cleaning.


The Lid, Plunger, Barrel, all external surfaces and components are manufactured from High Quality Stainless Steel. Internal components are rust free, manufactured from Stainless Steel or galvanized material. Many competitor brands are painted castings.

The Thompson 27 kg Hydraulic Sausage Filler has heavy duty removable sausage barrel with 20 mm square reinforcing ring on both top and bottom to ensure that the barrel cannot be bent out of shape from mistreatment.

Details & Characteristics
27kg Sausage Filler

27kg Sausage Filler

Thompson Larger Hydraulic Cylinder Advantage

The 27 kg Hydraulic Sausage Filler has a large 3″ hydraulic cylinder (3 ½” OD) and uses larger hydraulic pump.

Larger cylinder has the advantage of allowing the hydraulic pump to be set at much lower pressure but still achieve the same or greater internal sausage barrel pressure of up to 40% higher (180 PSI) than other competitor’s brands. Larger cylinder and hydraulic pump ensure increased product output rate and yield, reduced Maintenance cost and longer machine lifespan.

The electric circuit for both 20kg and 27kg models contain overload protection.


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