5000 Mixer Mincer Cryogenic Cooling System

5000 Series
5000 Mixer Mincer Cryogenic Cooling System
5000 Displaying Cryogenic Cooling System.
CO2 injection.
N2 Nitrogen injection
PLC Control with HMI Control Panel Monitoring
Example: 200 kg Temperature Reduction from 8°C to 0°C in 40 seconds
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Description & Dimension

5000 Mixer Mincer Cryogenic Cooling System

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Or Nitrogen (N2) Bottom Cooling Injection and CO2 Top Injection Through Snow Cones

Thompson Meat Machinery incorporates the CO2 or N2 injection cooling technologies in their mixer mincers, through a series of nozzles and manifold system which delivers efficient and consistent product temperature reduction technique coupled with perfect temperature controls.

CO2 snow cones cooling system is used for processing batches of product less than 300kg through snow cones. This is a more effective and efficient cooling system than bottom injection for
smaller batches. The bottom cooling injection system releases a great deal of CO2 shooting at high pressure through the smaller batches of product resulting an high amount of wasted CO2 which is exhausted through the plenum by exhaust the fan. The high pressure will also carry the product upwards covering the internal surface of the lid making it more difficult to clean.

Details & Characteristics
5000 Mixer Mincer Cryogenic Cooling System

5000 Mixer Mincer Cryogenic Cooling System

5000 Series

The CO2 bottom cooling injection process requires an initial injection of CO2 gas to pressurise the manifold system prior to the release of liquid CO2 into the chamber and injected through the nozzles into the bowl. Once the liquid injection process is complete a third process of flushing out the manifold system with gas is necessary to complete the cycle.

It is important that the manifold system stays pressurized until all CO2 liquid is ejected. If the CO2 goes below the critical pressure point it will form into a solid (snow) and block the complete manifold system. It can take numerous hours to defrost a blocked manifold system and that is why it is imperative that it is designed correctly. Thompsons have never had the issue of a blocked manifold system.

The N2 bottom cooling injection process releases small bursts of liquid nitrogen into the product. The large temperature difference causes the nitrogen to boil off as a gas which is used in the cooling process.

The program logic control (plc) temperature monitoring and control is fitted to regulate CO2 injection and maintain desired product temperature. Plc also monitors finished product temperature after mincing processes.

Specifications (Based on 415 V / 50 HZ)
Primary cut through 13 mm hole plate
8000 kg/hr, 130 kg/min
Secondary cut through 4 mm hole plate
7000 kg/hr, 120 kg/min
Technical data is to be used as a guide only and is subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weight may vary in the course of development
Product Performance
10mm Hole Plate kg/hour
5mm Hole Plate kg/hour
3mm Hole Plate kg/hour
Primary Cut
Secondary Cut
Production rates are dependent on the product and temperature of the product

Thompson 5000 Series Mixer Mincer

Thompson 5000 MM Demonstrating Specific Operations

a) 5000 130 kg min, 2nd Cut, 4 mm Hole Plate, HECS 80 CL.m4v

b) 5000 150 kg min, 2nd Cut, 5 mm Hole Plate, HECS 80 CL.m4v

c) 5000 Bone Elimination Air Purge-120 kg min, 2nd Cut, 3 mm Hole Plate, HECS..m4v

d) 5000 Bone Elimination Air Purge-120 kg min, 2nd Cut, 3 mm Hole Plate, HECS..m4v

e) 5000 458 kg Batch, Auto Load, Add Ingredients, Mix, PLC Demo.m4v

f) 5000 – 1st Cut, 600 kg Hopper Capacity, 4 Speed Mince Feedscrew Speed.m4v

g) 5000 – 1st Cut, 155 kg min, 8 mm Hole Plate, 4th Speed.m4v

h) 5000 – Primals 1st Cut 3 mm Plate, Product Temp -3° C to -7° C.m4v
i) 5000 Discharge Door Unload, No Mincing, Meatball Recipe incl Cheese Cubes, Herbs.m4v
j) 5000 – 300 kg Pork Sausage Batch Mix Ingredients & Water 1 min 35 sec-Complete Cycle.m4v
k) 5000 – Last 15 Kg of Batch – Feedscrew Efficiency, Bowl Cleanliness at Batch End.m4v
l) 5000 – Automatic Lid Opening, 5 inch HMI Controller.m4v

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