5500 Twin Paddle Inspection Mirror

5000 Series
5500 Twin Paddle Inspection Mirror
1st Cut Mincing Production Rates Processing Fresh Meat through 13 mm Hole Plate
6,000 kg/hr or 100kg/min 1st cut through 13mm “56” hole plate
8,000 kg/hr or 130kg/min 1st with upgraded “66” HECS & Mince VFD
2nd Cut Mince in Production Rates Processing Fresh Meat through 4 mm Hole Plate
3,600 kg/hr or 60kg/min 2nd cut through 13 mm “56” hole plate
7,500 kg/hr or 130 kg/min 2nd with upgraded “66” HECS & Mince VFD
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Description & Dimension

5500 Twin Paddle Inspection Mirror

Thompson 5500 Mixer Mincer Production Rate Improvements with Thompsons Patented High Efficiency Cutting System (HECS) Mincing System & Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

The 5500 Series Twin Shaft Mixing Paddle Mixer Mincers incorporate the same high-performance mince technology as Single Shaft. The 5500 Series have a larger Hopper Capacity & Batch Mixing Capacity which provides increased efficiency by reducing product mixing time through reduction of number of batches required per day. The 5500 Series capacities range from 888L on the 5500 model through to 3410L on the 52000 model.

Volumetric measure to the top level of the mixing paddles is the important specification as that is where the efficiency in the mixing action is governed. The 5500 Mixer Mincer has a volume capacity of 600L to top of the paddles which allows effective mixing of the 500kg batch.

Details & Characteristics
5500 Twin Paddle Inspection Mirror

5500 Twin Paddle Inspection Mirror

5000 Series

The 5500 Mixer Mincer is fitted with a 22 kW Gear Motor Mince Drive with ability of upgrade to a 30 kW Gear Motor Drive. Increased gear motor size provides additional advantages when processing frozen meats. The 5500 Mixer Mincers can easily process frozen tempered, pre-broken or flaked meat at temperatures down to -12°C.

Mincing production output rates become more important with larger batch processing volumes. The larger the
production batch the more critical it is to empty the product from the Mixer Mincer at the fastest rate possible. On completion of the mixing cycle, it’s destructive if product remains in the bowl and is continually being mixed by the rotating paddles. This results in extracting additional protein damaging meat particle and spoiling product from the extended mixing time.

IMPORTANTLY, when mixing larger batches in larger Mixer Mincer, the batch mixing time must remain the same as when mixing the smaller batches in a smaller Mixer Mincer. This is achieved by using Thompson Overlapping and MultiDirectional Mixing System Design, the most efficient mixing system cycle and design, saving overall mixing time and increase production output rate.

Product Performance
10mm Hole Plate kg/hour
5mm Hole Plate kg/hour
3mm Hole Plate kg/hour
Primary Cut
Secondary Cut
Production rates are dependent on the product and temperature of the product

Thompson 5000 Series Mixer Mincer

Thompson 5000 MM Demonstrating Specific Operations

a) 5000 130 kg min, 2nd Cut, 4 mm Hole Plate, HECS 80 CL.m4v

b) 5000 150 kg min, 2nd Cut, 5 mm Hole Plate, HECS 80 CL.m4v

c) 5000 Bone Elimination Air Purge-120 kg min, 2nd Cut, 3 mm Hole Plate, HECS..m4v

d) 5000 Bone Elimination Air Purge-120 kg min, 2nd Cut, 3 mm Hole Plate, HECS..m4v

e) 5000 458 kg Batch, Auto Load, Add Ingredients, Mix, PLC Demo.m4v

f) 5000 – 1st Cut, 600 kg Hopper Capacity, 4 Speed Mince Feedscrew Speed.m4v

g) 5000 – 1st Cut, 155 kg min, 8 mm Hole Plate, 4th Speed.m4v

h) 5000 – Primals 1st Cut 3 mm Plate, Product Temp -3° C to -7° C.m4v
i) 5000 Discharge Door Unload, No Mincing, Meatball Recipe incl Cheese Cubes, Herbs.m4v
j) 5000 – 300 kg Pork Sausage Batch Mix Ingredients & Water 1 min 35 sec-Complete Cycle.m4v
k) 5000 – Last 15 Kg of Batch – Feedscrew Efficiency, Bowl Cleanliness at Batch End.m4v
l) 5000 – Automatic Lid Opening, 5 inch HMI Controller.m4v

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