5500 Twin Paddle Discharge Chute

5000 Series
5500 Twin Paddle Discharge Chute
Overlapping Twin shaft configuration of the paddles thoroughly mix the product in all areas of the bowl.
Smart bowl design. The shape and volume ensure an efficient mix and product discharge
The efficient paddle design ensures mixing cycles and temperature increases are kept to a minimum
Strong ribbon style mixing paddle. Options available:
- Single Continuous Full Ribbon Paddle
- Combination Ribbon and Paddle Plate Mixing Arm
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Description & Dimension

5500 Twin Paddle Discharge Chute

The Thompson 5500 Mixer Mincer Feedscrew Design operates at a Right Angle to the Mixing Bowl & Paddle. This feedscrew design reduces the feedscrew length inside the bowl which maximises up to 8000 kg/hour production output rate but reduces overworking of the product of a feedscrew of longer length. Perfectly Proportioned for Maximum Efficiency and achieving production output rates of up to 8000 kg/hour on 1st cut through 13 mm Hole plate and 7500 kg/hour on 2nd cut through 4 mm Hole plate.

Details & Characteristics
5500 Twin Paddle Discharge Chute

5500 Twin Paddle Discharge Chute

5000 Series

The Thompson 5500 Mixer Mincer has the option of a Product Discharge Chute, a pneumatically controlled door(s) on the end of the bowl that enables the bowl contents to be emptied without passing through the feedscrew and cutting system. On a conventional Mixer Mincer the product goes through the mincing process twice: once during the primary first cut reducing primal or meat trimming to a smaller particle size before being mixed with ingredients and then secondary cut to empty the product from the bowl.

The option of Unique Product Discharge Door will allow the product to be emptied from the bowl without the second mincing process to maintain much more of its meat integrity, avoiding risk of emulsifying through the feedscrew and cutting system. This produces product that is much juicier, more mouth feel, better bite and more of a home-style product. The discharge door discharge rate is another advantage for processing time improvement, generally a 200 kg batch will empty in about 40 seconds, depending on the consistency.

Product Performance
10mm Hole Plate kg/hour
5mm Hole Plate kg/hour
3mm Hole Plate kg/hour
Primary Cut
Secondary Cut
Production rates are dependent on the product and temperature of the product

Thompson 5000 Series Mixer Mincer

Thompson 5000 MM Demonstrating Specific Operations

a) 5000 130 kg min, 2nd Cut, 4 mm Hole Plate, HECS 80 CL.m4v

b) 5000 150 kg min, 2nd Cut, 5 mm Hole Plate, HECS 80 CL.m4v

c) 5000 Bone Elimination Air Purge-120 kg min, 2nd Cut, 3 mm Hole Plate, HECS..m4v

d) 5000 Bone Elimination Air Purge-120 kg min, 2nd Cut, 3 mm Hole Plate, HECS..m4v

e) 5000 458 kg Batch, Auto Load, Add Ingredients, Mix, PLC Demo.m4v

f) 5000 – 1st Cut, 600 kg Hopper Capacity, 4 Speed Mince Feedscrew Speed.m4v

g) 5000 – 1st Cut, 155 kg min, 8 mm Hole Plate, 4th Speed.m4v

h) 5000 – Primals 1st Cut 3 mm Plate, Product Temp -3° C to -7° C.m4v
i) 5000 Discharge Door Unload, No Mincing, Meatball Recipe incl Cheese Cubes, Herbs.m4v
j) 5000 – 300 kg Pork Sausage Batch Mix Ingredients & Water 1 min 35 sec-Complete Cycle.m4v
k) 5000 – Last 15 Kg of Batch – Feedscrew Efficiency, Bowl Cleanliness at Batch End.m4v
l) 5000 – Automatic Lid Opening, 5 inch HMI Controller.m4v

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